While stone chips can be difficult to remove, a professional should be able to restore your car to its best. If you skip priming, the joint compound will absorb more paint and look blotchy in those spots. Clay bars are easy to use and can be purchased just about anywhere. . He said that stripping and reapplying the clear coat might — and he emphasized “might” — be possible, but only if done exceptionally well. I don’t think it will cause premature rust. If you wash the paint last, it’s easier to remove that dust or acidic wheel cleaner. (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4 ))); Brake Dust on On Cars and trucks. I have a new car that appears to have rail dust on it. Can You Reduce Brake Dust? But it won’t last long because the paint has dried out and oxidized beyond restoration. Rail dust damage comes from the tiny iron particles produced from the friction between the train wheels and the track. Make sure to buy the least aggressive clay. MSFPhover = Here are some of the ways you may be ruining your car’s paint — and tips from Richard Burt on how to avoid them: #1 Splattered bugs. A: Paint damage from rail dust occurs when very fine, hot steel debris from rail tracks and train wheels lands on the paint of a new car being transported to a dealership. into the material. that is degrading to another person. accounts, the history behind an article. How to remove stone chips from vehicle paint. The best way to remove rail dust is with a clay bar. Be Proactive. The only effective way we've found for removing it is clay bar. Rail dust is produced from the friction of the rail wheels against the railroad track. As you’ve discovered, it’s possible to make the paint shine — for a while. Explore more of Central Oregon with a subscription to The Bulletin. Lets say all of that gets past my filters, so 2.5 CFM of spray MAX in 200CFM of air going past the impellor and out the window. Paint … Paint defects in alphabetical order > Acid rain > Bird droppings > Car wash abrasions > Color fade/change > Corrosion > Industrial fall out/rail dust > Insect secretion > Lime or cement dust > Stone chip metallic > Stone chip solid > Tar spots > Tree resin/sap > Water spotting Paint defects in alphabetical order Contents # 2 # 1 # 11 # 12 # 10 # 8 If left unattended, these rust spots become so embedded within the paint, it becomes nearly impossible to remove and can form into larger rust spots, especially if continually exposed to moisture. The friction caused, disburses tiny particles of metal that can cause serious damage to the paint finish. Fortunately, rail dust can be removed and if done properly, won’t come back. racist or sexually-oriented language. It will lift the dirt from your paint instead of grinding it in with a buffer. // -->